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Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

The following are various locations and my memories attached to it.



Pasar Seni, Central Market

You develop some kind of connection or relationship with a certain place in a certain time. As the years go by, these various relationships tend to change, for better or for worse. 

My family and I used to make it a point to do our shopping in Pasar Seni every Lunar New Year. With the hustle and bustle of vendors and eager shoppers, coupled with intricate and beautiful market decor, Pasar Seni felt like home to me.

Unfortunately, I don’t feel so at home anymore. Perhaps the rising crime rate and instances of pick-pocketing have forever tainted the once vivid and fond memories I’ve accumulated of the place over the years. However, whenever I do visit the market these days, there are still remnants of nostalgia that tickle my memory bank – the decor, which has never changed; the architecture of the area, as well as the little trinkets being sold by the market vendors.







Old Klang Road

“Do you want to get some ice-cream?”, my dad asked every single time we passed by this spot. The fondest memories I have of Old Klang Road is the abundance of good food in such a concentrated area, especially the chilli pan mee.





USJ, Subang Jaya

This is the alleyway situated across the home of a very close friend, who shares my love of art and cats. While most alleyways can seem foreboding and unforgiving, this one gave me a sense of comfort and belonging, the fact that each house is in plain view of another – it exudes a sense of community and family.





Desa Park City, Kepong

To a certain startup (you know who you are), I hope this view becomes something you look forward to gazing upon whilst huffing and puffing on that morning cigarette. To future success, steady growth, and most importantly – happiness and special memories.







Written with Danial’s help.

He introduced me to photography, calligraphy, shoes, junk food, sodas and much more. Most importantly, he has taught me how to appreciate the little things in life.

Thank you so much again for being so welcoming. You’re welcoming a dumbass. Thanks though!



x, M

All photos taken with Samsung J7.

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